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Smartphone Owners, Are You Being Always Available?
These days, we have invited everyone to go beyond the devices at home and in the office. The ease of connectivity bestowed by our smartphones makes it is so easy to reach someone that we expect everyone to be reachable. And always available. 24/7.
Stop Texting At The Dinner Table. Go #DeviceFreeDinner.
Do you have annoying friends who text at dinner? Watch these hilarious #DeviceFreeDinner clips starring Will Ferrell as he shows how ridiculous it is to be glued to the mobile phone at the dinner table.
Shutting Up A Noisy Coworker With My Mechanical Keyboard
A mechanical keyboard & its Cherry switches can give a very satisfying feel while typing. And maybe it can even shut your noisy coworker up. Well, mine did.
Don't Fall Prey To This Monster.
Somewhere, unbeknownst to her, there is that monster, lurking in ambush, primed to pounce. If you are still not aware of WannaCry, read this immediately.
Must-Know Tip To Remove Sign-up Overlays On Any Website
Ever get shit pissed when that wretched popup appears, demanding that you sign-up in order to continue browsing the website? Here's how to bypass it.
Can We Trust Smart Gadgets? — The Risks Alongside The Rise Of Internet of Things (IoT)
Smart gadgets make our lives more convenient—leaving us with more time to focus on other important things. But the question is: Can we trust them?
Robots And Automation — Can They Really Take Your Job Away From You?
The fear of losing jobs to robots & automation has been around for quite a while. Bill Gates suggested that robots that took your job should be taxed.
The Rebirth of Nokia 3310 - The Iconic Phone is Coming Back?
Before the revolution of smartphones, the Finnish company, Nokia, was the number one cell phone manufacturer in the world. Nokia had it all, from bar phones to flip phones and all of them had more or less similar distinctive traits and features - They have awesome battery life and can...
Bye Fireworks, Hello Drones
300 Intel's Shooting Star drones lit up the night sky over Lady Gaga during the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show - putting on a magical aerial performance.
Samsung’s Latest Commercialvideo
Samsung who has been causing ripples with its recent Galaxy Note 7 recall has produced a new commercial that stresses the importance of lasting relationships with consumers.

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