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Have you ever pissed off someone or your pet just for the fun of it? High Five!

Exploit That Motivation You Get Just Before Going To Bed
You know this feeling, don't you? You get all excited and pumped up about stuff every night just before bedtime, only to lose the motivation by next morning. Here's how you can actually exploit that motivation and turn things around.
Stop Texting At The Dinner Table. Go #DeviceFreeDinner.
Do you have annoying friends who text at dinner? Watch these hilarious #DeviceFreeDinner clips starring Will Ferrell as he shows how ridiculous it is to be glued to the mobile phone at the dinner table.
How To Handle A Bossy Coworker Like A Boss
Do you have a coworker who bosses you around, get into your face, and constantly telling you how to do your job? Here's how you deal with the bossy person.
How To Make A Tough Decision? Find Out What You Want.
Facing a tough decision? Can't make up your mind? Here's a simple trick to help you find out what you really want and make the right choices.
Shutting Up A Noisy Coworker With My Mechanical Keyboard
A mechanical keyboard & its Cherry switches can give a very satisfying feel while typing. And maybe it can even shut your noisy coworker up. Well, mine did.
How To Make Your Stinky Bathroom Smell So Damn Good?
When extra scrub-downs, ventilation with fans, and spraying of air-fresheners just don't cut it. Here's a tip to get rid of your clean but smelly bathroom.
The Highs and Lows of Waiting for a Delivery
After stalking that perfect prey, intently tracking it down until it's finally found, the trophy is pretty much within grasp. You rub your hands together in eagerness before clicking on the 'Place Order' button. Now the emotional roller coaster ride begins.
The Backstabbing Meddler — Keep Calm If You Run Into One
The Backstabbing Meddler really don't do much more than getting in your way, glaring at you for no fucking reason, and then raining shit all over you.
Valuable Shitty Lessons To Keep In Mind When Shit Happens
Life happens. Shit happens. And it happens a lot. To a lot of people. Here are a few very important lessons from a shitty story.
Must-Know Tip To Remove Sign-up Overlays On Any Website
Ever get shit pissed when that wretched popup appears, demanding that you sign-up in order to continue browsing the website? Here's how to bypass it.

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