Stop Texting At The Dinner Table. Go #DeviceFreeDinner.

Stop Texting At The Dinner Table. Go #DeviceFreeDinner.
Photo Credits: Common Sense Media

I once met a friend for dinner (we haven’t seen each other for a long time). And he couldn’t stop texting the whole time.

Me: Hey, how’s life been treating you?

He: *While texting on the cell phone* Yeah good! You?

Continues to text.

Me: Not bad at all. Keeping up with your gym sessions recently?

He: Nope.

Continues to text.

Me: You’re having your busy season at work huh?

He: Yeah. Sort of.

Continues to text.

Me: What’s going on with your phone?

He: Just replying messages. Hang on, I have a new text message.

Opens the message.

He: It’s from you.

Me: Go on, read it.

Reads the message.

He: It says, ” Now you see this.” What?

Me: Now you don’t.

And I poked him in the eyes. Like three times. Then another three times.

Or, at least that’s what I did in my head.

#DeviceFreeDinner — Don’t watch these during dinner!

Anyway: Will Ferrell has partnered with Common Sense Media in the below hilarious commercials to send a message to the people who can’t seem to get through a meal without using their phones.

Let’s hope you don’t have any of these annoying habits at dinner. And if you do, go poke yourselves in the eyes.


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