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Smartphone Owners, Are You Being Always Available?
These days, we have invited everyone to go beyond the devices at home and in the office. The ease of connectivity bestowed by our smartphones makes it is so easy to reach someone that we expect everyone to be reachable. And always available. 24/7.
Bitcoin: Nothing But Monkey Business?
Is Bitcoin going to be the biggest financial bubble of our lifetime? Will it end up in tears like in this story of the monkeys in Dopeyville...
How Prepared For The Unprepared Are You?
The world is getting cranky these days. And will get crankier yet. Be prepared. Get some basic survival skills and knowledge under your belt.
Best Titanium Spork — My Secret Ingredient to a Better Life
The titanium spork: sturdy, light, and will last you a lifetime — perfect for backpacking & camping trips. And here's another feature that you should know.
I Need More Space And I Think We All Do
It's true. I am versatile and adaptable, but I seriously need more space. We all do. More to the point, a need for a little more spaciousness in the mind.
Mango Pomelo Peach Smoothie
We all love the warm summer weather — it's simply perfect for the beach. And you will for sure love the refreshing Mango Pomelo and Peach Smoothie.
Thank You For Choosing Our Stationless Bike
Dear Lessee, thank you for choosing our dockless bike. We hope that you have pleasure riding us. Here are some basic guidelines that you should know.
Smullyan's Paradox: Who killed him? Who's Guilty?
At a desert oasis, A and B decide independently to murder C. A poisons C’s canteen, and later B punches a hole in it. C dies of thirst. Who killed him?
Say No To The Fear Of Feeling Embarrassed
I was often left feeling embarrassed by my parents' awkward actions. Hey, wait. Something else, something BIG, was actually also on full display...
Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Or Coffee.
No sense in crying over spilled milk, or coffee. We gotta do what we gotta do. Punch harder. Break through it. Turn a page.

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