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This Adorable Monkey-Pig Pair Will Melt Your Heart
There's nothing more satisfying than witnessing the endearing relationship between an adorable pair of furry animal friends. You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours. Here, a monkey Mongi and a pig Ttoltoleeare forged a remarkable bond after they were both abandoned by their mothers. https://www.youtube.com/embed/Esil59s_pNA Irresistible puppy eyes, check. Fluffy ginger faces,...
Stop Texting At The Dinner Table. Go #DeviceFreeDinner.
Do you have annoying friends who text at dinner? Watch these hilarious #DeviceFreeDinner clips starring Will Ferrell as he shows how ridiculous it is to be glued to the mobile phone at the dinner table.
Another Reason To Be A Panda
A panda walks into a bar. He asks the bartender how he can get a little action for the night. The bartender gestures to a young woman. After a short chat...
Choose, But Choose Wisely.
A well-known professor is invited to a University for a guest lecture. Out of the blue, an Angel appears and presents him with three choices...
A Six-month Epic Adventure Through Asia—Watch This Amazing Hyper-lapse Clip
Wrapping up a six-month adventure across Asia with a three-minute video? Sure. This epic time-lapse clip will bring you through this journey...
Quokkaselfie Anyone? These Cute Little Creatures Are Taking The Internet By Storm
Meet the Quokka, a southwestern Australia marsupial native that's so adorable and clearly is exceedingly friendly. Burst your hearts with cuteness overload!
Can Wolverine's Adamantium Claws Be Crushed By A Hydraulic Press?
Logan is known for his deadly retractable Adamantium claws. But exactly how strong are they? Hydraulic Press tries to crush them and the result is...
CIA Declassified A Bunch Of Soviet Jokes - Much To Our Delight
Russian jokes are famous for their dark, biting and sarcastic sense of humor. A sheaf of Soviet jokes has been recently released online by the CIA.
The Rebirth of Nokia 3310 - The Iconic Phone is Coming Back?
Before the revolution of smartphones, the Finnish company, Nokia, was the number one cell phone manufacturer in the world. Nokia had it all, from bar phones to flip phones and all of them had more or less similar distinctive traits and features - They have awesome battery life and can...
Bye Fireworks, Hello Drones
300 Intel's Shooting Star drones lit up the night sky over Lady Gaga during the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show - putting on a magical aerial performance.

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