Choose, But Choose Wisely.

Choose, But Choose Wisely.

A well-known professor is invited to a University for a guest lecture. Because he is a popular man of the highest caliber, the lecture hall is packed with droves of students. And they pay close attention as he delivers his lesson, taking heed of his wise words.

Out of the blue, an Angel appears.

The Angel announces: “This man is considered to be one of the few worthy ones on Earth. Every day he works for a better tomorrow, a more noble outcome. God has sent me here to deliver a reward to him.

Here, you will be given 3 options.

  1. You will be granted limitless influence on the humankind. You will gain the respect of everyone and your guidance will be sought after by the world’s greatest leaders.
  2. You will be granted limitless wisdom. You will become a man of great sagacity with knowledge of everything there is to know in the universe.
  3. You will be granted limitless money. You will be the richest person in this world.

Now choose, but choose wisely.”

The professor made his choice without any hesitation.

“I choose wisdom because wisdom is the greatest wealth that a man can be given.”

“As you wish.” The Angel snaps her fingers and vanishes into thin air.

The lecture hall is filled with silence as the students wait patiently for the professor to speak. The professor is obviously deep in thoughts – trying to process his new found gift.

After what feels like hours, one student asks the professor.

“Professor. Are you OK?”

The professor, looks at the students, seemingly frustrated. Finally, he speaks up.

“I should have taken the money.”