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I Need More Space And I Think We All Do
It's true. I am versatile and adaptable, but I seriously need more space. We all do. More to the point, a need for a little more spaciousness in the mind.
Smullyan's Paradox: Who killed him? Who's Guilty?
At a desert oasis, A and B decide independently to murder C. A poisons C’s canteen, and later B punches a hole in it. C dies of thirst. Who killed him?
The True Tale of the William Brown Shipwreck
In 1841, the William Brown struck an iceberg in the Atlantic and sank. The ship's two lifeboats were overloaded and passengers had to be thrown overboard.
Are We Consistent In Our Reasoning? How Firm Are Our Principles?
Unravelling the inconsistencies in our lives and modifying our standards are crucial to our moral development, our work ethics, our values, and principles.
Thinking Exercise: Heinz Dilemma (An Idea on Moral Reasoning)
Heinz's wife was dying because of a special kind of cancer. There was only one cure... Heinz was at wit's end about what he should do next. In the end he...
Empowering Questions to Improve Your Work Life
40 hours a week, 2920 hours a year, 87600 hours in 30 years of solid slog - not including overtime and traveling. Is this really what work life is about?
An Egg Story
You were on your way home when you died. It was a car accident. Nothing particularly remarkable, but fatal nonetheless. You left behind a wife and ...
In Order To Do Well, You Have To Do Good – Baby Steps To Fix Globalization Problems
What do we mean by doing good? Which country does the most good? It's intriguing to see how the countries fare in the rankings...
Thinking Exercise: Children Playing on Train Tracks
There are ten children playing on the open track. There is one child playing on the closed track. A train is approaching from a distance away...

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