Save Your Time With This New Redesigned Ironing Board!

Meet Flippr - by Sharkk Labs

I simply hate ironing. It’s so frustrating that we have to press our garments after we have already gone out of our way to wash, hang, and dry them. On top of that, the time consumed to iron a piece of clothing is so extensive! Just look at the steps! Every time you do it, you have to pull out the iron and ironing board. Then you have to wait for the iron to heat up – which seems like ages. You start ironing one-third of the shirt; Flip it; iron another third; Flip it; iron the last third. The constant readjusting of the shirt just drives me crazy. And not to mention, the pants that keep slipping off the board. Argh!

I know that we could always set aside some time every weekend to do some ironing while watching our favorite shows. Yes, that’s the ideal way but if you are anything like me, I’ll wake up each morning pulling out and ironing that set of clothes for the day. Sometimes when I am so slammed for the time that I just gave up and raced to work looking wrinkled and sloppy.

Ok, I will stop my ranting and share this good news that I came upon. A torso-shaped ironing board that fits shirts perfectly and comes with a set of pants clips. A 360 rotation feature that allows us to iron the entire shirt with just a flip. It’s called ‘Flippr – by Sharkk‘, and it claims to save us 80% time (6 mins faster than the conventional board). Wow, finally a better way to make ironing painless – that definitely is enticing.

Anyway, check out the video in this post to see how Flippr really works. They are crowdfunding on Kickstarter, so if you are interested do give them your support!