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Eco Cooler: The Air Conditioner That Requires No Electricity
The Eco Cooler. Made with used bottles and requiring zero electricity, this DIY air conditioner is a godsend to many living in the sweltering heat.
UPS Drivers Don't Turn Left: An Unusual Strategy That Pays Off
UPS drivers don't turn left, even if it means traveling in the opposite direction of the terminus. So, what is the reason behind this peculiar practice?
Bye Fireworks, Hello Drones
300 Intel's Shooting Star drones lit up the night sky over Lady Gaga during the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show - putting on a magical aerial performance.
It's called 'Flippr - by Sharkk', and it claims to save us 80% time (6 mins faster than the conventional board). Finally a way to make ironing painless..
Printer That Doesn't Use Toner or Ink!video
Evolutions in technology have been revolutionizing our lives. A printer that 'burn' letters onto paper could now be the next leap in printing.
Derby was born with deformed front legs. And what happened next changed Derby’s life and enable him to feel what’s it is like to move like all other dogs.
Work Box 3.0
Enjoy crafting? Yet, having troubles finding your materials? You will definitely love this WorkBox 3.0 by The Original Scrapbox.

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