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Bitcoin: Nothing But Monkey Business?
Is Bitcoin going to be the biggest financial bubble of our lifetime? Will it end up in tears like in this story of the monkeys in Dopeyville...
I Need More Space And I Think We All Do
It's true. I am versatile and adaptable, but I seriously need more space. We all do. More to the point, a need for a little more spaciousness in the mind.
The Backstabbing Meddler — Keep Calm If You Run Into One
The Backstabbing Meddler really don't do much more than getting in your way, glaring at you for no fucking reason, and then raining shit all over you.
Complain Effectively, or Don't Complain At All
When you complain effectively, it can be a source of valuable feedback and an agent of change. But if you don't, It will simply just be whining.
Can We Trust Smart Gadgets? — The Risks Alongside The Rise Of Internet of Things (IoT)
Smart gadgets make our lives more convenient—leaving us with more time to focus on other important things. But the question is: Can we trust them?
Robots And Automation — Can They Really Take Your Job Away From You?
The fear of losing jobs to robots & automation has been around for quite a while. Bill Gates suggested that robots that took your job should be taxed.
He Read 2000 Obituaries For A Reason and It's Worth A Ponder
When your name shows up in the obituaries headlines, what would be your descriptor - the few words that capture your achievement of a lifetime?
The Mindset Behind Counterfeit Food — Food Innovations That Make You Blow Chunks
The rise of counterfeit food. You must have heard about rat meat sold as beef. Fake eggs made from gelatin? Don't forget the notorious baby milk scandal.
You Will Fail To Have Your Dream Job And Here's Why.
What makes for a dream job? Larry Smith contends that you will fail to have a great career and calls out the absurd yet common excuses...

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