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Smartphone Owners, Are You Being Always Available?
These days, we have invited everyone to go beyond the devices at home and in the office. The ease of connectivity bestowed by our smartphones makes it is so easy to reach someone that we expect everyone to be reachable. And always available. 24/7.
Stop Texting At The Dinner Table. Go #DeviceFreeDinner.
Do you have annoying friends who text at dinner? Watch these hilarious #DeviceFreeDinner clips starring Will Ferrell as he shows how ridiculous it is to be glued to the mobile phone at the dinner table.
Cheetahs Are Really Just Skittish Kitties
Fun Fact: Cheetahs are really just skittish kitties, albeit their ferocious and majestic looks. So nervous that they get too stressed to even have sex.
The Backstabbing Meddler — Keep Calm If You Run Into One
The Backstabbing Meddler really don't do much more than getting in your way, glaring at you for no fucking reason, and then raining shit all over you.
Appreciate the Underappreciated
There are seemingly insignificant people in life that who do contribute goodness yet unrecognized. The unsung heroes. The underappreciated.
A research has revealed a startling result that only about HALF of perceived friendships are mutual. So think again, who really are your friends?

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