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Exploit That Motivation You Get Just Before Going To Bed
You know this feeling, don't you? You get all excited and pumped up about stuff every night just before bedtime, only to lose the motivation by next morning. Here's how you can actually exploit that motivation and turn things around.
Fellow Passenger Helps Young Man With His Tie On Train
A young man was struggling to tie his tie on the train in San Francisco when a fellow passenger offered her help and then tied it for him.
Kick Ass Speech From Chief Justice John Roberts: I Wish You Bad Luck.
Recently, US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts handed out some pretty kick-ass advice in his speech at a commencement ceremony...
Thomas Edison and his 2000 Failures - Do You See What He Saw?
Thomas Edison, Wizard of Menlo Park, said about his failures, "We've learned a lot. We know there are 2,000 elements that can't make a good light bulb."
Olympian, Diego Hypolito, Will Inpire You With His Never Give Up Spirit
Keep trying and pushing and fighting, and don't lose hope and spirit in the face of the most disheartening situations. Diego Hypolito never gives up.
Dare Mighty Things, Win Glorious Triumphs, Even When Checkered By Failure
Dare mighty things, but facing tough decisions? Constant feeling of an existential crisis? This remarkable affirmation will help inspire and guide you...
"China's hottest grandpa", Wang Deshun proves that one is never too old to be a runway model. His well-toned physique turned him into a national sensation...
Bruce Lee's (Must Read) Convictions From His Journal
Recognizing the influence of my subconscious mind over my power of will, I shall take care to submit to it a clear & definite picture of my CLEAR PURPOSE ...

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