Woman Helps Young Man With His Tie On Train

Fellow Passenger Helps Young Man With His Tie On Train
Poignant photo of woman helping young man with his tie. Source: Reddit

It’s easy to get whisked away in our endless work, daily pressures and the transient buzz of busy-ness.

And we forget about the little beautiful things that are just as important.

Things like the fact that we are breathing and alive.

An itch you can actually reach.

Or a small random act of kindness.

The young man above was struggling to tie his tie on the train in San Francisco — most likely to a job interview or somewhere important given his attire— but his efforts were to no avail. A fellow passenger approached him to offer her help and then tied it for him. Card between teeth, wicked forearm, sunglasses. Classy and fabulous.

Little did she know that her little gesture of kindness would be captured on camera and shared on Reddit by u/Loozar.

So shines a good deed in a weary world. Faith in humanity temporarily restored.

On a side note.

I am guilty as charged: I cannot tie a tie properly without it looking like some crooked lumpy potato. And so I marvel at the fact that this woman (and many others I know including my mom) can actually tie one facing someone, given the fact they seldom wear ties.