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Thomas Edison and his 2000 Failures - Do You See What He Saw?
Thomas Edison, Wizard of Menlo Park, said about his failures, "We've learned a lot. We know there are 2,000 elements that can't make a good light bulb."
Olympian, Diego Hypolito, Will Inpire You With His Never Give Up Spirit
Keep trying and pushing and fighting, and don't lose hope and spirit in the face of the most disheartening situations. Diego Hypolito never gives up.
Dare Mighty Things, Win Glorious Triumphs, Even When Checkered By Failure
Dare mighty things, but facing tough decisions? Constant feeling of an existential crisis? This remarkable affirmation will help inspire and guide you...
How To Recover From Setbacks With Simple Evaluation
Nobody is immune to setbacks, evaluate the problem so that you can grow stronger and wiser and better positioned to recover from setbacks...

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