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Eco Cooler: The Air Conditioner That Requires No Electricity
The Eco Cooler. Made with used bottles and requiring zero electricity, this DIY air conditioner is a godsend to many living in the sweltering heat.
Take Play Seriously - A Crucial Element For Creativity
When we were little, we were all naturals at creativity. With an unfiltered mindset and fantastical imagination, we create varied masterpieces. Why?
Messy but Creative?
Good news to messy folks out there! Being in a messy setting could actually provoke more creative thinking and stimulates a release from conventionality...
Felt Faces by Becky Margraf
Becky Margraf, from San Francisco, have been hand-making these creative and adorable felt faces every single day for her 100 Day Challenge.
Learn How To Make Shrinky Dinks with Recycled Plastic!video
This clip shows you a really clever and fun way to make some charms as well as to make our planet a cleaner and better place to live by recycling!
Credits: Sean Charmatz
It is amazing how Sean Charmatz sees the world and showcases through these hilariously cute animations. If you ever need to cheer yourself up, this helps!
Pothole Gardens - An Unexpected Sight in the Streets
Who can ever know that an unsightly pothole can transform into a beautiful pothole garden? Innovative people all over the world has been creating these...

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