A Meaningful Story of The Monk and The Scorpion

A Meaningful Story of The Monk and The Scorpion

A Monk was walking alongside a stream when he saw a Scorpion struggling in the water. Knowing that scorpions cannot swim, he quickly plunged into the water to rescue it.

Carefully, he picked the Scorpion up with his fingers and walked to the bank. Just when he was about to set the Scorpion down, it turned and stung his hand. The Monk being in pain drew his hand back and as a result the Scorpion was flung back into the stream.

When the Monk realized what happened, he went back into the water and picked up the Scorpion once again. But just as the Monk was about to set the Scorpion down, he was again stung on the hand by it. This scene repeated several times until the Monk finally saved the Scorpion.

A little boy was playing by the stream when he witnessed this whole incident. Being confused, he asked the Monk, “Excuse me. Why do you keep trying to save that Scorpion? It stings you every time you try to rescue it.”

The Monk replied, “Dear boy, just as it is the water’s nature to make me wet, so it is the nature of the Scorpion to sting. And just as it is the Scorpion’s nature to sting, it is my nature to save.”

A meaningful tale that tells us that we should not change our behaviors or thoughts based on the behaviors or thoughts of others.
We may come across those who harm and insult us, due to their ignorance or lack of understanding, but we must never allow their actions to rob us of our duties and faith.