A Day In The Life Of A Puppy Named Toby – Puppy Life Rocks!

A Day In The Life Of A Puppy Named Toby - Puppy Life Rocks!
Photo Credits: SweetLouise

Brrr.. A bitterly cold night woke me from my sleep. I glanced up at the cozy bed with a lingering smile. There, Mommy was tucked into her plush blanket and the sleep pooled on her eyelids. Without further ado, I leaped onto the feather bed – It was unusually warm. It didn’t take too long to ascertain a comfortable spot, and I began scratching the bedding.

Sniff Sniff. Yes, it’s now my nook. You know, we canines have glands in our paws that leave a distinctive scent when ever we scrape at things. I circled around for a while before settling into bed.

In the morning, I woke up and licked Mommy’s forehead. Then I peed on the carpet and reveled, “Dandy life of a puppy! Marvelous!.” At that instant my stomach growled and I squirmed. Quickly prancing towards the kitchen, I found my lovely feeding bowl full of my favorite salmon biscuits and smiled blissfully. I took out a piece, toss it in the air and chase it down the kitchenette. This always make my meals feel more like a hunt!

Mommy took me to the park, and I walked obediently beside her. The air was warm, the beams of sunlight glowing on my fur. A slight breeze came, and the leaves rustled. I stopped at a lamppost, lifted up my leg and urine marked. I always loved my morning walks! When we reached the usual grassy field, Mommy took off my leash and I cavorted excitedly around her feet before chasing after the birds. I sniffed at the flowers, I sniffed at the logs. I think I ended up eating something weird and it gave me gas.

After lunch, Mommy had to meet her friends and I was all alone in the house. Sigh. I stood at the window watching the stupid squirrels jump. I barked at the neighbor, I barked at passers-by, I barked at the wind, I barked at everything. Then I played with my toys for a while before gnawing at the table legs. My teeth felt so itchy and some of them had fallen out – I think I am teething.

I found a cookbook lying around and chewed on it. It wasn’t that yummy and I threw up a bit. Then the sound of the thunder came, along with the howling wind and the beating rain that was louder than my bark. I felt sleepy and took a nap in my quilted cuddler as the sun dipped in the west – soon Mommy will be home.

Footsteps and the scent of Mommy woke me up from my nap. I ricocheted off my bed, raced through the house and towards the door. I shook my tail hard as Mommy opened the door. “Toby! Did you miss me?” Of course I did. I jumped into her embrace, turned on my charms and greeted her with my usual face licking antics. “Enough of my face!” she fussed as I chuckled.

We had dinner and watched the TV together. Mommy found her half eaten cook book and glanced at me. I flew quickly across the parquet and under the table. She gave chase. I darted around, scattering my toys in the process, and slipped under the sofa. She stopped and shook her head. “Bad boy, Toby!” she lamented. She pulled me out as I cowered down low. I let loose a sigh of relief when she only spanked me lightly on my butt and told me not to do it again.

Mommy turned off the TV and said, “Time for bed.” She gave me a kiss and snuggled me tight. I closed my eyes, thought about the fun i had, and slowly drifted off to lala-land.

Author: Wolya .R
(‘Day in the Life’ series)