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A Day In The Life Of A Puppy Named Toby - Puppy Life Rocks!
"Toby! Did you miss me?" I jumped into her embrace, turned on my charms and greeted her with my usual face licking antics. "Enough of my face!" she fussed..
Tommy The Broom
Sweeping is so monotonous, so uninteresting, & I want an escape from the humdrum of this life. Have you ever heard of this story called "Room on the Broom"?
Light at End of Tunnel - An escape from those negativity!
John is an extremely negative person. One day the negativity consumed him totally and drained him of any energy he had left. He just lay on a bench...
A Touching Story of an Old Man, His Son and a Sparrow
A simple yet extremely meaningful and touching story to remind us how a journey it was for our parents. But they did so, lovingly and patiently.
A Meaningful Story of The Monk and The Scorpion
A meaningful story that tells us that we should not change our behaviors or thoughts based on others, and not allow their actions to rob us of our duties.
Power of Positive Things
An story to remind us the importance of conveying our affections & compliments. Sometimes the smallest of things, could be of great significance to another.
A Story of The Two Dogs – An Old Compelling Tale
A man had two dogs: a BloodHound, trained to aid him in his sports, and a Doberman Watchdog, taught to guard the house...

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